Python Tricks Toolkit by Dan Bader

Python Tricks Toolkit


The Python Tricks: The Book Digital Toolkit

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— Dan Bader

What's included?

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Python Tutorial Videos
01 List Comprehensions.mp4
14 mins
02 __repr__ vs __str__.mp4
15 mins
03 Emulating switch-case Statements.mp4
12 mins
04 Implicit Return Statements.mp4
8 mins
05 Comparing Objects.mp4
7 mins
06 Mystery Dictionary Expression.mp4
8 mins
07 Function Argument Unpacking.mp4
9 mins
08 Method Types Comparison.mp4
15 mins
09 args and kwargs.mp4
11 mins
10 Virtual Environments.mp4
9 mins
11 Writing Pythonic Loops.mp4
10 mins
12 Context Managers and the with Statement.mp4
13 mins
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